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Post by spiritingrogue0 on Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:15 pm

| Application |

Nickname (Or First Name): ________Brady______

In Game Name: ________spiritingrogue0______

Date Of Birth (Optional): ________06/10/1999_____

Gender: ________Male_____

Do you have skype? If so share your username: _______No I apologize______

Why I want to be moderator: _________I enjoy helping the community and showing people the ropes.________

Why I think I will be good for the job: ________I can be on often, and though I havn't been on very long, I am quickly getting acquainted with the people on the server and I hope that I can help them in any way I can______

Have you had any experience being a staff member before? And where and can you give any information about it: _________ I've been a moderator on a few servers (It's been a while and I cannot remember the names) and an admin/op on one server______

How long have you been on the server: _________about 3-4 days____

How old are you: _________13 turning 14 in June

How often can you be on the server: ________pretty much everyday. I might not be available for a little bit in the summer_____

Have you ever been banned before: ________ on two servers. The first my friend was duplicating and i was guilty by association. another one I was framed for a world edit grief.____

Do I rage easily: ________Not on Minecraft nor Tekkit_____

What grade are you in: _______I am graduating grade 8 this year____

If you found a member cussing out another member what would you say and how would you react to the current situation?: _________ I would assess the situation and ask why they're making the choice to do this. The rules say that cussing is allowed but use common sense. so if the person persists I will give them a warning. If they keep going I will kick the person and ask an Admin or the Owner if a ban should be put in place______


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