Badmon's more formal, more interesting, more creditable mod application.

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Badmon's more formal, more interesting, more creditable mod application.

Post by badmon209 on Sun Nov 03, 2013 10:12 pm

Hello my name is badmon! Since there is no official layout for the staff application I will just do it this way.

IGN: badmon209

Previous applications or staff positions: I have applied for quite a few of them, in fact I have applied on just about every server that I have more than a week on, if the server needs another admin or mod that is.
Applied for: Nuclear gaming,, etc.
Positions obtained: I have obtained 100's of positions in staff for servers owned by friends, family, or dear associates. I have owned my own communities such as Swiftfortress, Swiftgaming, jigsawland or jigland and some other less known ones.

Skype: badmon209

Age: 25

Do you get angry easily No not unless something really annoying happens like I get raided, but it wouldn't be a rage it would just be a slight twitch. I also Would get mad if a bunch of little kids who don't know how to play come on or little kids trying to be trolls.

What would you do if you came on and saw a player cursing/ using profanity/ swearing at another player I would mute both of them or at least the person using the profanity and ask the other person what happened. Once he is done I would mute him and ask the other guy about his story and if he would like to debunk any of the other persons points. I would do this over and over until we came to a conclusion and if a ban must be put in place.

How often can you be on the server? I could be on just about everyday if necessary. I would be on most during the weekend as you can tell I have work to do.

Why I should be mod or admin I believe I can serve the community more efficient if I have a higher position than a regular member. I have had various experiences of power in gaming communities since my last mod application which I want to kill myself for the amount of effort I didn't put into it.

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