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Post by Snugglz on Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:19 pm

Real Name: Jose

In Game Name: FadealldayJ805

Date Of Birth: 07/05/1995

Gender: Male

I have Skype. Skype name: snugglzkyute

Why I want to be mod: I've been a mod in two other servers, but recently they have been going down. I'm trying to look for a new server that will stay for a long time and so I can help improve the server. Building spawns, helping other people, and just having fun in a tekkit server. I'm on daily. Mostly random times.

Why I think I will be good for the job: I can follow the jobs of being a Mod or anywhere near that level. I can enforce the rules to people and always check to see if anyone is hacking/breaking any rules. If there is a hacker, I wouldn't do anything until I discuss it with the Co-Owner or Owner of the server.

Have I had any experience being staff member before: Yes, I've been a Co-Owner in my brothers server but only lasted for a couple of months, he couldn't keep the server up for too long. Him and I have also been a mod in server, it's a regular minecraft server. We've been going through many servers trying to look for one that can accept us into Admin, Mod, or any kind of staff.

How long have I been on the server: Since 3/30

How old am I: 17

How often can I be on the server: Everyday about 4 hours long.

Have I ever been banned before: Yes, when I was a regular player, not staff. About two servers.

Do I rage easily: No, I know how to act in different situation, I can handle things easily.

What grade are you in: 12th

(Also my brother [IGN: FR05TY14] would like to register for staff, admin, or mod if he can, thank you)

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